Recipe made by: David Solkowitz

Ingredients: 2-5 zucchini, barilla sauce, salt. You can also purchase ready-to-go zucchini noodles at the store.

Step one- instrument of choice. There’s several ways to get the zucchini into noodle form. One way, that I prefer, is a handheld spiralizer. You can also use a regular spiralizer, a julienne peeler, or a mandoline.

Step two- use your instrument to make the zucchini into noodle form. This can be done by peeling the zucchini or using a spiralizer of choice. Pro tip: salt the zucchini here and mix it up so that you get a bit of salt on every piece or shred of zucchini.

Step two and a half- using paper towels, try and press down and get rid of the excess water. It will make it less liquidy at the end.

Step three- grease pan with preferred method. I use Pam.

Step four- layer the pan with a one fourth cup of barilla sauce.

Step five- put your zucchini noodles into the pan.

Step six- pour up to an additional half cup of sauce on top.

Step seven- mix around the zoodles so that everything gets saucy. This will take between five and ten minutes.

Step eight- enjoy.

Why it’s so good: there are no carbs and it’s a simple way to get your vegetables in. It requires few ingredients and utensils, and is a healthy alternative to pasta.


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