Berry pleased to meet you

Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr Less is more. You hear it all the time nowadays, in commercials for just about everything. Oftentimes, it's just a sad excuse for a clever line about saving money. Sometimes, however, it is most definitely a true statement. One of the fields in which this platitude holds true is, of course, … Continue reading Berry pleased to meet you

You wanna quiche of me?!

Recipe inspired by: Recipe made by: Miranda Kalish, Robbie Shorr Eggs are perhaps the most versatile food out there. Owing to their unique biochemical structure, they can be used in sauces, cakes, meringues, meatloafs, and fry-batters. And of course, they can be made for breakfast in a plethora of styles. However, this last option of breakfast, so … Continue reading You wanna quiche of me?!

Cheesecake… without the cake

Recipe made by: Reuben Cohen, Robbie Shorr Welcome back to Kosher Kollege! Thank you to everyone for being patient through this excruciating summer hiatus. Kosher Kollege is back now, and I'm excited to see what its future holds. I must preface this recipe by explaining that it was made for Shavuot. I don't think anyone … Continue reading Cheesecake… without the cake

Spread pudding

Recipe inspired by:  Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr Now, some of you may be asking, "What in the world is that?". And even though I made and ate this recipe, I'm still not sure I can answer that question with anything other than "delicious." I think the best way to explain this dish is to … Continue reading Spread pudding

Chicken and peppers and onions, oh my!

Recipe made by: Miranda Kalish, Robbie Shorr As mentioned a few posts ago, Miranda and I decided to make a Shabbat dinner in my apartment. However, without a hotplate at our disposal, we were left wondering how to make sure the main course stayed hot. Then we remembered that I had a criminally-underused slow cooker which would be … Continue reading Chicken and peppers and onions, oh my!