Two Lasagnas Walk into an Apartment…

There, half of them get eaten by Ellen and Miranda, and half of them cryogenically frozen. Recipe adapted from: The absolute best part of living off campus is having your own kitchen, especially your own freezer. The freezer is where every food becomes immortal, able to be defrosted and reheated any time for a … Continue reading Two Lasagnas Walk into an Apartment…

Are they still Hamantashen even if they’re not triangular?

Clockwise, from top middle: Sweet potato marshmallow, Smores, Apple peanut butter, Coconut, Lemon apricot, Pumpkin pie, Lemon raspberry, Bananas foster Spoiler alert: This post calls out certain myths about the origins of Hamantashen. Do not show to children under 8. Recipe inspired by: Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr, Miranda Kalish Oh, Hamantashen. Everybody's favorite inherently … Continue reading Are they still Hamantashen even if they’re not triangular?

Chicken pot pasta

Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr For a while now I had wanted to make chicken pot pie. However, I was slowly coming to the realization that it just wasn't feasible. Most pot pie recipes call for a complex array of different cooking steps, and the sauce and pie crust usually require dairy. The thought of drastically simplifying … Continue reading Chicken pot pasta

No bake, no problem

Recipe made by: Miranda Kalish, Robbie Shorr When viewed enthusiastically as a challenge in creativity rather than with dread as a chore, the process of coming up with a recipe can really take on a fun life of its own. At its essence, it's an exercise in problem solving: given a few requirements and a few … Continue reading No bake, no problem

Star, stripes, and stir-fry

Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr We've all heard it before: America is a melting pot. Luckily for us, this idea rings true in the culinary realm as well. On any given city street in the US you can find a French, Chinese, Italian, Argentinian, Japanese, or Lebanese restaurant. Of course, such a diversity of delicious food … Continue reading Star, stripes, and stir-fry

How do you like them apples and carrots?

Recipe inspired by:, Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr Something I've seen more and more of recently is desserts claiming to be healthy. One manifestation of this is sugar-free and flourless desserts, while another is desserts which include fruits and veggies. Look, let's be honest with ourselves: Do we really think a cupcake is healthy because … Continue reading How do you like them apples and carrots?

Faked Ziti

Recipe inspired by: My mom Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr As mentioned before with regards to Mac and Cheese, sometimes you just need a cheesy layered pasta dish. Unfortunately, many of the recipes you'll find online include meat. Crazy! Of course, one could just make these recipes without the meat. Or, one could use increasingly-abundant fake meat … Continue reading Faked Ziti