Soy Gevalt

Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr Today, practically everything is available in grocery stores. I can confidently say that there are articles about this phenomenon which are way more exhaustive than anything I could write, as well as lists detailing the most absurd of these ready-made products. However, I am going to discuss one major category … Continue reading Soy Gevalt


Star, stripes, and stir-fry

Recipe made by:┬áRobbie Shorr We've all heard it before: America is a melting pot. Luckily for us, this idea rings true in the culinary realm as well. On any given city street in the US you can find a French, Chinese, Italian, Argentinian, Japanese, or Lebanese restaurant. Of course, such a diversity of delicious food … Continue reading Star, stripes, and stir-fry

TGIS (Thank G-d It’s Stir-fry-day)

I think it's safe to say that stir fries have a special place in the hearts of college students everywhere. But tofu? Not so much.┬áI myself had always been pretty indifferent towards this mysterious protein. However, once my girlfriend Miranda Kalish told me she found a promising recipe for tofu, I just had to try … Continue reading TGIS (Thank G-d It’s Stir-fry-day)