A Turkish delight (this recipe is not for Turkish delight)

Recipe made by: Avichai Ozur Bass Based on Ozlem’s Turkish table (http://ozlemsturkishtable.com/2012/02/simit-sesame-encrusted-bread-rings/) Simit, pronounced “see- meet,” is a Turkish bread which is essentially a lighter, fluffier cross between a bagel and a soft pretzel.  In Turkey and some former parts of the Ottoman empire, they’re sold on every street corner, and they’re what you buy … Continue reading A Turkish delight (this recipe is not for Turkish delight)


Berry pleased to meet you

Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr Less is more. You hear it all the time nowadays, in commercials for just about everything. Oftentimes, it's just a sad excuse for a clever line about saving money. Sometimes, however, it is most definitely a true statement. One of the fields in which this platitude holds true is, of course, … Continue reading Berry pleased to meet you

You wanna quiche of me?!

Recipe inspired by: http://www.cookinglight.com/food/vegetarian/sweet-potato-quiche-crust Recipe made by: Miranda Kalish, Robbie Shorr Eggs are perhaps the most versatile food out there. Owing to their unique biochemical structure, they can be used in sauces, cakes, meringues, meatloafs, and fry-batters. And of course, they can be made for breakfast in a plethora of styles. However, this last option of breakfast, so … Continue reading You wanna quiche of me?!

Spread pudding

Recipe inspired by: http://kimkushner.com/blog/sticky-date-caramel-bread-pudding/  Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr Now, some of you may be asking, "What in the world is that?". And even though I made and ate this recipe, I'm still not sure I can answer that question with anything other than "delicious." I think the best way to explain this dish is to … Continue reading Spread pudding

Eggs to Kale for

Recipe by: Jon Galitzer Ingredients: Olive oil Frozen kale Peppers (any kind) Lemon juice Mustard Sriracha 4 eggs Cheese (any kind) Directions: Heat olive oil in pan over medium heat. Add the frozen kale, peppers, a shpritz of lemon juice, a shpritz of mustard, and a heavy shpritz of sriracha. Once sautéed, crack the eggs … Continue reading Eggs to Kale for

Huevos rancheros… kind of

Recipe made by: Jon Galitzer Disclaimer: Looks better than it tastes Ingredients: Some type of oil Half a cucumber Mushroom if you want 4 eggs Hot Salsa Up for interpretation: garlic, black pepper, and chili flakes Directions: Pan fry the cucumber and mushrooms first, dress 'em, then throw in salsa, then throw on the eggs.

Shockingly simple shakshuka

Recipe made by: Miranda Kalish, Robbie Shorr Finals week can be a hectic time. In addition to the studying, test taking, and paper writing, you've got to find time to pack for winter break and see your friends one last time before going home. And for those of us who live off campus, there's one … Continue reading Shockingly simple shakshuka