Easy Peasy Pancakes

Recipe inspired by: http://www.cooks.com/rec/doc/prt/0,1741,147184-244203,00.html Recipe made by: David Solkowitz Who doesn’t enjoy a pancake breakfast? And sure, while you can use a mix, it’s more fun and just as simple to go from scratch. It’s also cheaper in the long run. I made this recipe at the religious school I work at, Mercaz Aliyah at Temple … Continue reading Easy Peasy Pancakes


Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

Recipe made by: David Solkowitz The perfect solution to a chocoholic who needs a pumpkin fix. Makes 14-18 muffins 4 eggs 1.5 cups sugar 1 can of pumpkin (16 oz.) 1/2 cup oil 1/2 cup applesauce 2 tsp ginger 2 tsp cinnamon 2 cups flour 1 cup chocolate chips (pareve if you want to serve … Continue reading Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

A Turkish delight (this recipe is not for Turkish delight)

Recipe made by: Avichai Ozur Bass Based on Ozlem’s Turkish table (http://ozlemsturkishtable.com/2012/02/simit-sesame-encrusted-bread-rings/) Simit, pronounced “see- meet,” is a Turkish bread which is essentially a lighter, fluffier cross between a bagel and a soft pretzel.  In Turkey and some former parts of the Ottoman empire, they’re sold on every street corner, and they’re what you buy … Continue reading A Turkish delight (this recipe is not for Turkish delight)

Berry pleased to meet you

Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr Less is more. You hear it all the time nowadays, in commercials for just about everything. Oftentimes, it's just a sad excuse for a clever line about saving money. Sometimes, however, it is most definitely a true statement. One of the fields in which this platitude holds true is, of course, … Continue reading Berry pleased to meet you

You wanna quiche of me?!

Recipe inspired by: http://www.cookinglight.com/food/vegetarian/sweet-potato-quiche-crust Recipe made by: Miranda Kalish, Robbie Shorr Eggs are perhaps the most versatile food out there. Owing to their unique biochemical structure, they can be used in sauces, cakes, meringues, meatloafs, and fry-batters. And of course, they can be made for breakfast in a plethora of styles. However, this last option of breakfast, so … Continue reading You wanna quiche of me?!

Spread pudding

Recipe inspired by: http://kimkushner.com/blog/sticky-date-caramel-bread-pudding/  Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr Now, some of you may be asking, "What in the world is that?". And even though I made and ate this recipe, I'm still not sure I can answer that question with anything other than "delicious." I think the best way to explain this dish is to … Continue reading Spread pudding

Eggs to Kale for

Recipe by: Jon Galitzer Ingredients: Olive oil Frozen kale Peppers (any kind) Lemon juice Mustard Sriracha 4 eggs Cheese (any kind) Directions: Heat olive oil in pan over medium heat. Add the frozen kale, peppers, a shpritz of lemon juice, a shpritz of mustard, and a heavy shpritz of sriracha. Once sautéed, crack the eggs … Continue reading Eggs to Kale for