Eggplant: Definitely not an egg, maybe a plant

Recipe inspired by:  Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr Recently on KK I mentioned the phenomenon of the food that you always order in a restaurant but never make yourself. For me, this is most definitely true of eggplant. I love it in all its forms, from eggplant parm to baba ganoush, and always order it … Continue reading Eggplant: Definitely not an egg, maybe a plant


C’mon Bro(ccoli)

Recipe made by: David Solkowitz If you have ever experienced a Shabbat dinner, you know that veggies are a big part of the dinner. And you also have probably been told since you were a kid that you have to eat your veggies. This is a simple vegetable side that can be used for everything … Continue reading C’mon Bro(ccoli)

A Turkish delight (this recipe is not for Turkish delight)

Recipe made by: Avichai Ozur Bass Based on Ozlem’s Turkish table ( Simit, pronounced “see- meet,” is a Turkish bread which is essentially a lighter, fluffier cross between a bagel and a soft pretzel.  In Turkey and some former parts of the Ottoman empire, they’re sold on every street corner, and they’re what you buy … Continue reading A Turkish delight (this recipe is not for Turkish delight)

Tzimmer down

Recipe inspired by: Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr As far as traditional old-country Ashkenazi dishes go, Tzimmes (which has a disappointingly short Wikipedia page) doesn't get a lot of love. My theory is that this under-appreciation is due to the availability heuristic : Tzimmes is the first thing that people think of when they have flashbacks … Continue reading Tzimmer down


Recipe made by: David Solkowitz Ingredients: 2-5 zucchini, barilla sauce, salt. You can also purchase ready-to-go zucchini noodles at the store. Step one- instrument of choice. There's several ways to get the zucchini into noodle form. One way, that I prefer, is a handheld spiralizer. You can also use a regular spiralizer, a julienne peeler, … Continue reading Zoodles

PSK: Pumpkin Spice Kugel

Recipe inspired by: Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr "Shana Tova U'Pumpkin Spice!" should be the new greeting for the Jewish New Year, because at this point in culinary history, it seems that everything sweet made this time of year contains pumpkin spice. I am not sure what strange fusion-type foods have been made with pumpkin spice … Continue reading PSK: Pumpkin Spice Kugel

Soy Gevalt

Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr Today, practically everything is available in grocery stores. I can confidently say that there are articles about this phenomenon which are way more exhaustive than anything I could write, as well as lists detailing the most absurd of these ready-made products. However, I am going to discuss one major category … Continue reading Soy Gevalt